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I've still got a collection of Amiga's in my attic. 2 of them are setup in an active state. My old (t)rusty 2000, which I actually don't use that often anymore, and an 1200 which I still use quite a bit. But that's mostly for watching demo's and playing some of those classic games. My personal favourite is still "Hybris". Which actually is the game that made me create "Soundmon" because that game was also using very short samples (maybe even synthesis, but I don't think so) and I really liked the sound of it.

Programming wise, I'm not doing much on the Amiga anymore. I think my 68000 assembly skills will probably be very rusty.
Having said that, I still find it a lot of fun to try and port the soundmon player to as many devices as possible. Currently these are usually handheld devices like the Gp32, Gp2x, Nintendo DS etc. In addition to that I've been working on a FPGA implementation of the basic soundmon synthesis algorithms in addition to more advanced digital filtering schemes. Basically this should become a synthesizer-on-a-chip with a midi interface. Unfortunately I haven't been able to work on it much lately, too much to do, too little time.....
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