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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
Hi there Steve,

I just phoned your place and talked to your lass, I congratulated you and your new bit of kit and for some reason she said I'll bl**dy kill him and slammed the phone down. Eeh aren't women funny sometimes.

Anyway back on topic if I remember correctly the +3 expansion port is wired differently to earlier models as Zetr0 mentions. I bought an adapter for that very reason all those years ago so I would look into the differences just to be safe ok.

(just kidding about the phone call)
Hi Mate,

Thanks for the info, i'll make sure the guy knows I have a +3 in case he has two types of board. And obviously check before I plug it in



I've read the manual linked in the auction, theres a jumper setting to change on the board for +2a/+3 compatibility

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