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The origin of the terms chipmusic/chiptune


Leaving the discussion of how to define chipmusic/chiptune out for now, does anyone have any info on how these terms were used around 1990? It's pretty common to say that it referred to using tiny sampled waveforms in Soundtracker-derivatives, like 4-mat and Duz and Turtle did. But for others, like Mahoney when I talked to him, chipmusic was always 'synthetic' music made in SidMON, Future Composer, etc (although they are of course sample-based aswell, under the hood).

But instead of comparing definitions, I'm interested in digging up early examples of people using these terms. Or get suggestions of people to ask about it. I am slightly obsessed with this topic, and I write about it sometimes at when I don't make my own .. eh .. "chipmusic". So, all ideas are welcome.

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