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Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
The cd32 drive does not support cd-rw unfortunately.
I have no problem burning to CD-R. I initially want to just transfer stuff to my CF card using WinUAE like I have, then I will put it back my my CD32/SX32 and seal it all up. If I want to update, I just don't want to have to open the thing back up, so if there is a way to transfer from CD to CF/HDD, that would be great.

A guy told me that it was possible to burn a bunch of ADF disk images to CD, and then transfer from CD to floppy disk (I have been thinking of getting a floppy disk drive for my setup). Anyone know how? And what is a good external floppy disk drive for my setup? Will any external floppy drive work ? A guy locally has an Amiga 1010 drive, so I wanted to know if that would work.


I have Workbench 3.1 (many people suggested this is best for my CD32/SX32 setup), and I do transfers to my CF card with WinUAE, so I don't have the kind of probs that you have.
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