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Amiga life crisis
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Which is better ?

Just want to get peoples opinion , im looking into buying another Amiga .
I have A500 atm and my only ever experience with Amiga's .

I assume the 1200 and up Amiga's are more and easier expandable or upgradeable .

But in laemons terms and keeping in mind im a game player , which Amiga would be the most feature packed and upgradeable (cost & ease) Amiga out there ?

I see some people have the 4000 , is this the beez neez in Amiga's ?

I also would like as a side note to be able to hook up to a VGA PC monitor and go for a higher end res Amiga if there is such a thing

Any advice would be greatly appreciated , Also be as basic as you guys want as im only a novice

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