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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
So I suppose, since they currently only have a 68000 core (albeit a FAST and full 32 bit one), would it be possible to add the VBR or would that be much more complicated and might as well wait for a 680x0 core, where x <> 0?

I was surprised to see some AGA games running, but apparently those games didn't use any 68020 specific instructions. I wonder how common that is?

It's definitely an interesting project to watch..

(edit) also, the price bit.. Of course, there are no prices yet..
I have seen the number 200 Euros in a forum as a possible ("should be under" kind of quote).
That sounds like a fair amount, but when you compare it to an accelerated Amiga 1200 with lots of RAM and VGA output, that's pretty comparable...

Although it might launch with an 68000 'softcore' they are working on a 68030 softcore

Also you will be able to attach a daughter-board if you want more a real 68030 or even a 68060. When they perfect the soft-cores, I think they plan to produce a new faster board with just the sorted softcores

This thing gets more and more interesting. I think we might have something very 'Natami' like in our hands by the end of the year

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