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NTSC TV Problems


I recently bought an NTSC A1200 from AmigaKit. I'm in Canada, and having trouble running some games, which I'm guessing is a problem with them being PAL games running on an NTSC TV, but I wanted to get some confirmation. Two of the problems I'm seeing - with the discs included with the Amiga are:

1) Pinball Dreams (included with the Amiga) is offset way to the right and down on the TV. I can't see the far right of the game or the bottom. I don't mean a few pixels here - I'm talking about at least a quarter of the screen...

2) Whizz (included with the Amiga) - initial "cutscene" works more or less fine (similar offset problem to #1, but less pronounced). It then asks for Disc 2, which I enter. Once the game loads, it seems to switch video mode as the screen starts jumping up and down wildly (flashing), making it impossible to see.

Anybody have similar problems and any ideas of what's best to do in general when downloading games and demos for this Amiga? The Amiga is a stock A1200 with a 2.5" HD added.

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