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seriously thanks guys... i was away from eab at about 2005 then came back to see the Green Amiga Alien had past away (2007)...

then came back a week ago

if you signed up here after i left let me give the skinny:

I was very active in the early 2000s, coding some stuff, sharing stuff with members, beta stuff for WinUAE collecting real Amiga stuff

plus have some awesome irc and some great threads to read and reply to...

going back further i was bought an A500 by my step-dad, he bought my brother an Amiga A500, i had a C64 with a bazillion games... he said if traded in my c64 he would pay the rest... but i got a poor price, so it didnt happen... back home, i said ho-humm, but get me AMOS (which i read up on at the shop), i can program games etc and teach my brother to be productive with his new computer...

my main goal of course was get myself sometime on his machine so i could play all the cool new games (it was the screen gems pack, sept '90)

but he said, sod it lets get you your own one, so back to shop traded in c64 got A500, a few games and of course AMOS

up until sept '95 i enjoyed the Amiga scene, with the demoscene, some fantastic games and some of my own creative work - it was the only computer i touched for 5 years ... everyday

forward to 2000 i found WinUAE and EAB
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