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Turrican 2 level viewer

A while ago I started poking around the Turrican 2 CDTV files, with this as the result:

Pre version 1.1 information:
It's not complete. World 3 (the shoot-em-up levels) uses a slightly different level format. As for the sprite graphics, they are inside the level files, but appear to be loaded by chunks of code inside those same files. I suspect the same is done with effects like the waterfall animations, boss fights, the wind barrier in L1-1 and general enemy behaviour. Any insights into that would be very much appreciated, as I am not of much use with assembly.

A zip with the required files (including the CDTV game files) and my notes in specs.txt;
Sadly still mostly written in Visual Basic, so might need some additional components. Source code is included though. Enjoy.

Edit: Move around by right-clicking on the map and moving the mouse. World + level at the top right, grid, zoom (2x size for easier viewing on hi-res displays), collision map rendering and object rendering at the top left as well.

Edit2: Updated with link to and screenshots from version 1.1.

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