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Hi all,

I'm not sure but it seems like Paranoid has disappeared!\

As for as i know he has done some serious work/adding info
on Demobase Amiga.

Before he started this,i've done some configuring and atm
there are more than 10.000 demos configured with screenshot(s).

So i thought i was time to do some more configuring>?

Yess,thats's the problem here,Paranoid has never sent me any work
dispite the fact that i asked him to send me .....

Now he doesn't respond to my Emails and i really want to
continue this Demobase,ergg

I realise that as soon as i continue i CANNOT add his work cause
the Database file cannot be changedadded if things have changed in the MDB.

I hope he turns up soon otherwise i have no choice.

I hope someone bumps into him somewhere...

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