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Originally Posted by filth View Post
Slightly misleading (since anything above RO 3.7 is really in a different class from anything below it).
With the exception of the A9Home and Iyonix, any machine running ROS above 3.5 is either a RiscPC or register compatible with a RiscPC.

I'm going to nitpick now... first off, RiscPC and above weren't "Archies" at all, since the Acorn Archimedes range ended with the A5000.
If you want to nitpick, the A540 was the last Archimedes... A30x0, A4000 and A5000 were never called Archimedes machines by Acorn.

Although the A7000 was more or less a RiscPC clone, it didn't have DEBI slots but it did have a floating-point calculator, but was otherwise quite similar.
A7000 had no floating point hardware. A7000+ did however. And there was almost no software that used it. Did the slot in the A7000 not support DMA transfers?

I believe the Iyonix is the only RISC OS machine to have had a PCI bus and the ability to take PC graphics cards.
Omega has PCI slots also I think. Though I'm not sure if they ever worked.
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