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@ alexh and Steve,

OK you two, you got me interested enough to get my +3 out and give the program to transfer games back from tap etc to audio to play on the speccy. After sorting out a lead for the +3 and my pocket PC phone I found that it works great (just tried manic miner) No more duff tape problems, the only problem that my +3 now has is the drive belt has perished, I will order a new one soon.

.......1........ 2 . 3
|||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||| |||||::

Steve the audio in is the middle connection and the long section (GND) ie 1 and 2 as above, the very tip is audio out and (GND) and this is using a stereo 3.5mm jack plug (mini headphones)

Please don't think about getting a PS2, Acorn electron or BBC system out, I only just put them away not so long ago
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