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Early indications were that Falcon (A) just needed a new fuse in the Internal PSU after being plugged into the wrong voltage. I fitted one at a cost of 5p. Used the correct voltage via a step down transformer. Connected to a standard PC CRT monitor with the Atari VGA dongle and she sparked into life.

The hard drive does not appear to work, but that could just be it's age (the original 1993 80Mbyte 2.5" Conner). Also either the mouse is broken or the mouse ports need re-soldering (common fault on Atari ST(e) / Falcon). Either way looks like this could be cheap fix.

But I know it is still early days. List of things to do before she can be pronounced fit and healthy:
  • Prepare a IDE->CF card in place of the hard drive
  • Test the floppy disk drive.
  • Replace the internal fan (Anyone know a good replacement?)
  • Fit 14Mbyte Upgrade

Looks like I can look forward to at least one working Falcon.

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