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Fixing Falcons

This week I bought not one, but two Atari Falcon computers from a private seller. Sold as "spares or repairs" an external SCSI hard drive, VGA video adapter, RGB video adapter, spare keyboard, mouse, floppy disk drive.

Falcon A
USA NTSC Falcon : 14Mbyte RAM, TOS 4.04, 80Mbyte internal 2.5" IDE hard drive. As stock as they get. The previous owner says that they had plugged it in forgetting it was a USA model (110v) in the UK (240v) and blew it up.

Took 2 mins to take it apart. Putting all the screws in labelled bags (otherwise I'd just loose them) and everything looks great. Wonderfully clean, no rust.

(Spot the replacement PSU I had lined up on the right of the photo ) A closer look at the original PSU shows that the fuse has gone (which you would expect) and hopefully this will be the cheapest fix EVER, one fuse!

Tomorrow I've got to get a USA kettle lead from work and get out the step down transformer. Unfortunately I've looked and cannot find any of my Atari 13-pin DIN to SCART cables So I'll have to try RF. If I knew how reliable Falcon VGA was I'd try that.

Atari Falcon's are like the A500+ they have an onboard RTC (real time clock) with battery and just like the A500+ they tend to leak and destroy the motherboard. I cannot see any leakage in Falcon A, but I am prepared to replace the RTC chips / battery in both Falcons. Already ordered two replacements with sockets.

I'll give details of Falcon B soon.

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