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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post

are you using your Amiga joystick? the speccy interface is different, remember the joysticks with 2 cables on them. I think the grey cable is used for the spectrum but its been a while since I used mine so I may be wrong.

remember that the audio in/out uses a 3.5 stereo plug one was a mono plug and the other stereo if I recall correctly.
I got the right cable now and itsworking, just loaded a few tap files (converted to WAV) from the PC

Grabbed my Kemston Interface and just waiting for Mr Wino to Load

The Amiga Joystick has a selector for the type of system you're using it on but the selection for 'amstrad' didnt seem to work, again susspect its the ports.

No Idea what happened to my old Speccy joysticks, just trying another Joystick now...
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