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Originally Posted by mk1 View Post
Well, all I can say is the back of the box lists the following:
- The first game ever to make full use of ray-tracing on Amiga
- The fastest 3D sections EVER on the Amiga

So, genereally I would consider that as a game that pushed the Amiga forward technically even if the techniques used weren't the most advanced.
Both of which are a bit of a cheat though -

1. Yes the objects were ray traced on the developers machine but then those ray traced images were just converted into normal sprites.

2. The 3d tunnel section is famously faked with a combinations of moving screens around that were larger than the display, parallax scrolling and sprites of different sizes.

Don't get me wrong though, good game all the same and the first time I saw the '3d' section when I was a kid it made me look like this -
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