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i actually found this really funny... he sounds like a nightmare to interview... he thinks he some sort of pop star, where you can be basically rude to everyone

i like the way he feels the need not to repeat himself rather than offering a quick summary for those that dont know

sure he has some sort of talent for Amiga software and has developed some interesting hardware, this has made him feel superior to everyone else

however, he has forgotten the Amiga will always be a retro computer, given the option i would love to see an Amiga branded computer be successful in a modern computer world, but why would it be... the Amiga had (at the time) serious advantages over the competition, but failed to developed (or developed too slowly) technical innovations.

today any AmigaOS platform offers no advantages over the force that is the mighty PC or Apple's innovations in terms of hardware and OS

the only people interested in an AmigaOS are the people he is telling to grow up...

talent... yes

public relations... no

and guess what, its the public that buy stuff
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