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this really comes down to what interests you have in the amiga, you could for example look at building a resource repository, like a coding, music (mod), applications, demo's etc

Have a good look around the web and see whats out there for the amiga that interests you, review thier work in this area and how your work will imrpove on it for the community and your interest.

This is no mean feat you are looking at here, respository sites and review sites are a constant level of evolution, maintainence and addition. before you start, I would suggest you look at howmany hours a week you want to devote to your project and would it help if you could have help.

I will say that there is plenty already out there, but on the flipside, theres plenty still left to do.

A lot of my Retro-Gaming friends have started blogs and youtubes on retro-gaming and thier computer / consoles of passion, this is also a good way to get into a project, but by and large, you need to get into a project that inspires you. one that you can donate a lot of time for....

The beauty is once you have built content on project this can be used in other projects down the line or subsequently...

for instance, reviewing an application or game, makeing pics and vids will also provide a guide into the application / game. you could look at taking snippets and releasing a specific MediaCD for the Amiga, all this thinks...

so get out there get those creative juices flowing....
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