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Originally Posted by mombasajoe View Post
I am not really sure what this thread is about:

A) Games like Red Baron (only fun on 060). Reason: not optimized code
B) Games like Fighting Spirit (really amazing for an A500)
C) Both?
I guess in the liberal sense, games that use whatever hardware you run it on, fully.

Then again, if it doesn't run decently on anything below a 68060, it probably didn't use the hardware fully on the platform it was released for.

For most games this platform is either OCS with 512k or 1024k memory, or stock A1200. A few games like Doom-alikes may be written with other setups as minimum platform.

So I guess, "games that use whatever hardware they were designed for, fully".

One could argue that all games coded in c or a high-level language be excluded; indeed if 80-90% of the CPU cycles are wasted on fluff code, you couldn't really say you're using the CPU and memory part of the hardware fully.

Some games did detect things like extra colors or extra memory and adapt themselves, like Pinball Fantasies. I don't really think that's what he means, it should be more like "games that were impressively implemented on the A500 or A1200".

Or "Tight code, design, sound without sacrificing features like on-screen colors or frame stutter (cos the hardware was hard to make something really nice in full framerate)".

Or something like that. It's a question in search of a definition, I'd say
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