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Originally Posted by Photon
1) Another Indivision, but with pAUERFULL gfxcard
I so wished they had done that for the Indivision AGA A4000. Made it use a Zorro III video card slot.

Originally Posted by Photon
2) Accelerator, either some generic fast 68010 (or possibly higher) core in a grid array, or non Motorola (wth for?)
They'd have to beat the performance of a 66MHz 060 for it to be truly viable. I don't see how they can do that, maintain compatibility and make it economically viable.

Originally Posted by Photon
3) Ethernet or USB adapt0r.
Unlikely as you can still buy both for A3000/A4000

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I'd like to see just an adapter to a semi-modern gfxcard with support for a few scandoubled legacy bitmap modes. Something with a GPU
You can already do this by going down the Zorro III -> PCI bridge route.
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