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My "game room" has the following. It beats the spec of everyone including Oscar

These are rough guesses as my gaming room gets new equipment added every day.

Ready ?

700 Intel Pentium III PC's with 19" monitors.
30 Apple Mac's
730 swivel chairs.
730 PBX digital telephones (the dogs bollox in phones these are!).
12 water cooler machines.
3 coffee machines (it makes tea, and a lovely espresso choc!)
2 vending machines (chocolate, crisps etc..)
1 cash machine
20 laser printers (including 4 colour)
10 photocopiers (1 colour)
2 (possibly more) girls who model topless

Well, I do work in a open plan office (so it's one big room - 3 levels !) and when I'm there I play Windoze Solitaire (a game) most of the day
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