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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
BTW, there is a "swap channels" option in WinUAE, why don't you use it ?
uhm As I said in the post you were quoting, I am using that option!

Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
Aha... and what kind of program would that be?
I suppose maybe one such "program" could be:
- get stock A500 and a copy of Archon or SWIV.
- hook it up to stereo, making sure red is connected to red and white to white on the audio connection.
- verify that speakers are positioned correctly and not swapped.
- check if the sound of monsters on the right side of the screen comes out of the right speaker

I remember distinctly that it worked like that on my old original A500 with an original copy of Archon, and same with Swiv.

If enough people test it, we might be able to nail it. Maybe it really varies from model to model?
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