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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
My obsession to obtain the full registered version of the game "Scavenge" continues...
I have had no luck getting this game although I have the demo disk...

I always liked the music from the game, I knew it was by U4IA (Jim Young) of Cryptoburners - this is stated in the game credits but I never new exactly what it was... anyway cut a long story short (unlike me) I have found the Mod file - it is called "Take a Trip From Me" and I have uploaded it to the zone for anyone who is interested... I think it is a pretty decent track although admittedly nothing out of the ordinary - I liked it in the game anyway.

U4IA is a pretty good composer in my opinion - anyone else like his stuff?
back 2006 i posted this >>

i have been trying to find a piece of music since i starting using WinUAE back whenever when...

it was bundled on a coverdisk with soundtracker, protracker maybe even startrekker..

it had a vocal on it, which, in an almost robotic voice said "conducetrants"... i believe i check all the mod sites... if anyone knows of it please post back..

i might even marry you*

*depends on other conditions to be confirmed!

and then this >>>

OH MY GOD.... i found it.. was a bit of a mission!!!

was from Amiga Format Coverdisk 48b (with ProTracker v3.10B)

mod is called take a trip from me by U4IAof Cryptoburners

the protracker on coverdisk doesnt play the voice sample properly!

i'll up to the zone as it ROCKS!!!!!

please d/l it and give me your thoughts... this one is going straight on my iPod

only took me 5 years to find!


i still love this tune!

anyway what a great thread... i was mad about the PD scene back on the real Amiga

its funny how people that created some awesome freeware/shareware games etc left the Amiga scene completely and only know of the interest we all still share through receiving out-of-the-blue letters asking for full versions

oh and pls thank the coder of Deluxe Galaga, i enjoyed his game so much, my friends and i had lengthy compos beating each others highscores.. i managed to go through the game 3 times
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