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Yes it was hackers and the other folks that think of all the solutions I meant, I am surprised that Sony themselves supported installing Linux on any of their products, if it wasn't for people like Dark Alex doing their magic on the PSP firmware, I wonder how successful the PSP would have been in comparison to what it did become. I think the only downside to a PSP is the memory card as it is too flimsy (my main card bit the dust recently).

The minimig with an SD card slot instead of a floppy drive is such an example of the brilliance that someone has turned from an idea to reality, as is the use of a CF card in an Amiga 600 or 1200 as a hard drive. We live in an incredible world where ideas become a reality, many of those realities are from individuals or groups who just wanted to improve what was available or which had restrictions that could be removed and allow for further development as in the PSP for example.
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