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The minimig is a great little device, there is no floppy drive to go wrong or stacks of disks to look through and it is silent. You can organise the files on the SD card using a program called "FATCleaner" and use a wireless mouse and keyboard so the actual unit can be mainly out of the way, you still need to connect a cabled joypad/joystick though unless someone knows of a wireless version (that would be absolutely Fantastic). This device is in my mind far superior to using a PC to play Amiga games on with the exception of WHDLoad versions, those are still better used with a real Amiga. Not everyone will like the minimig just as other folk don't care too much for using a PC or indeed an Xbox to play the games, it all comes down to individuals taste, the real Amiga wins hands down but I think the Xbox and minimig come joint second (wireless joypad on the Xbox is great).
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