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Originally Posted by Reynolds View Post
So more than a decade old but unused electronic components versus dozen of months old stuffs. I have a nice collections with original hw, but luckily mostly all operates in acceptable manner. Severe Amigas have been rebuilt by me, recently I'm working on 2 Amiga 500s. Dead A1200 DF0, dead A4000 sound, strange failure on my third A4000 mobo, etc. I'd like to see some refreshing air in this line, and Minimig is a good alternative.
Not perfect yet, but good. Till we can have Natami, for example. Hopefully it will deliver it's promises.
I wouldn't say no to one if I had the cash - I know how flaky old Amiga hardware can be (especially the later AGA stuff with corners cut ).

Then again why bother when we have WinUAE..... too many bloody options!
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