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Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Their is a way of backing up Amstrad 3" disks for Spectrum +3 / Amstrad CPC. You will need to own an Amstrad FD-1 disk drive. These were for use with the Amstrad CPC / Spectrum +3. You will need to open up the drive, and disconnect a little power connector with a white connector on the end. Next step is to connect the drive to the PC motherboard using a standard PC motherboard floppy drive cable and plug the drive into the mains. Power up the PC and set the drive in the BIOS to a 5/14" drive. Finally you will need a copy of Simon Owen's SamDisk program. You can use this in program in conjunction with your Amstrad FD-1 drive hooked up to your PC to image Spectrum +3 to image the disk, or write images in .dsk format back to 3" amstrad diskettes. If you need further advice, drop me a line.
Hi Hercules,

Thats some great advice, many thanks

*Off to ebay to serach for a FDD *

Would this be suitable?


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