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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Cool but too expensive.... You can buy a new A1200 for less! (okay maybe a bit more if you decide on a non-stock system).
Errrmm.. new? it is not in production, so you can buy 16 yrs old hw (maybe unused) Then try to find some expansion with the same conditions.
Price always was an issue with Amiga HWs, I clearly remember. in the golden era my Amiga 500 was available for 46000 HUF. 6 yrs later, my salary was 24000 HUF (!)
Fresh hw, nice design, good features. and if once it will be available with direct order w/ all the features what an Amigan needs, it will worth the money.
Awaiting the moment when there will be some additional connectors, like ethernet, and so on. Just that screen flickering issue...:P
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