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great job matt! i really enjoy your show, keep'em coming!

and do not listen to the people complaining about the 2 mins intro! pictures of oldies + retromusic = 2 mins of pleasure, what's wrong with that? Was a great way to celebrate the 50th

And Mr Al Lowe...what a great person to interview! Classic LSL's were such great games...I wasn't allowed to play them when I was a kid, my dad was hiding the floppies but hey..I got them a few years later anyways, and as a big Sierra fan LSL is definitely one of the best series, so much fun. LSL2 probably being my favorite, but I love them all.

Al Lowe is such a charming and charismatic person. The guy has something in the eye that immediately make you like him. I really enjoyed the interview. Too bad the whole situation with Sierra went so bad in the end..but that's another story.

Now, Matt, just find a way to interview Mark Crowe and/or Scott Murphy (I REALLY doubt they'll take an interview together.../sadface ), and I'll bless you forever
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