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the worst example seems to be the case where someone said that they'd overclock their unit using provided software and if it failed, would return it to OpenPandora and not tell them it had been overclocked.

Craigx's response, which might be humour, but might be serious:
"So you're a dishonest little s**t too?

I want your order number. You are banned from having a Pandora from us.

That's right, your order is canceled. "
And then it all kicked off...

Mali isn't a customer, this was all a joke, but it was taken waaaay too seriously. Craigx clarified...
1) Mali was not a customer.

2) We won't be blackmailed by Vimacs.

3) We will release a statement on overclocking. (we need to look in to this possibility you really can fry an ARM chip before it crashes).

I'm sorry if I offended any of you, it's an occupational hazard.

Now I'm going back to work. There is a lot to get ready for these cases.

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