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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
That Acer Revo PC I linked to above fixes straight to the back of my TV where the wall bracket would normally go, that's a space saver
small/silent PCs are still pretty expensive.

already mentioned you've then got to add the keyboard so it doesn't actually save that much space.
who needs the keyboard? if you are only games, use a WHDload version with CD32 patches... and if the WHD doesnt have that... add it!

also wireless keyboards are great space-savers.

I don't think you could use the space hog excuse when comparing a Minimig to a PC as we all know pc's can come in various sizes like the one linked to above, a laptop or even a netbook.
i think you can when you look at the cost, as i mentioned above, for small/quiet PCs.

On that same reason you wouldn't have a Minimig under your TV either then? I mean one extra unit extra unit.
the majority of PCs are considerably larger than minimig.

I know people just don't want a PC but you'll need one for your Minimig, no?
no, i have a MacBook i can happily load up the files with.

I cannot see anyone coming up with a good enough reason for me to spend out quite a bit of money.
the kind of pc setup you are talking about is 'quite a bit of money' if you dont have it already

i've yet to see WinUAE run as smoothly as a real amiga even adding things like 'powerstrip' and adjusting the hz accordingly, no matter what anyone says. This is why i say i'd like to see minimig in action before committing to anything - i could still be bitterly dissapointed, but i wont write it off if it has the functions it needs/deserves.
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