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Wow my thread is still going. @PowerPie5000 and @DanLocke I think you two should probably stop shouting at each other. I never intended for this thread to make people bring up the technical specifications of the systems because that is when the flaming begins but I suppose it is inevitable right? Anyways all i wanted to see was what you Amiga guys preferred SNES or MD. I was surprised to see that more people enjoyed more of their time on the SNES. Where I live most people had a SNES but wanted a Megadrive. As for the gloomy feel to things on the Megadrive I know exactly what you mean and that is what I liked about the console.

I always thought the music sounded better on MD also, I own both consoles and I just checked and the music regarding instruments definitely sound better on the Megadrive.

Also when you guys start talking about technical specs I hope you know it is all redundant because the power of the system means absolutely nothing. The PS3 can perform twice as many raw data calculations per second than the 360 yet the games on the systems are identical are they not? Before anyone starts a PS3 360 war just know that no-one cares.

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