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Truth is both had great games and people probably favoured one over for the obvious reasons like owning a machine first.Lots of games you couldn't get for your machine of choice

I'm not sure i agree that it was a style choice thing regards to why Megadrive games looked so glum - like there was a rain cloud always overhead - as even games like the brilliant Dynamite Heady had the same type of glum feel and that featured very rich colour schemes.Just about any game i can think of came with a muddier look on the machine.Each system tends to have it's own feel just like how it was on the 8bits, and Snes's output was a much more vibrant candy land style compared to the Megadrive- that of course doesn't make it better but for some i'm sure it was a factor.To be fair these days i like the different type of feel i get from both systems and of course this aspect at least is really only a preference thing

The Snes and Megardive could both pump a lot of sprites around but Treasure benefited more in really pushing that faster cpu i would guess in the form of all the clever stuff we got to see in Gunstar- Snes's limit was perhaps more easily met but it didn't honestly need to be any more impressive thanks to all the clever stuff it could already do

This is all farily redundant anyway these days as we can play both quite easily enough
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