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And now things are really getting stupid in the OP camp. CraigIX (one of the main... well, I don't actually know what he does besides distribution) has started threatening to cancel people's pre-orders if he doesn't like them.

The latest was a chap called Vimacs, who is (or rather was) writing the package system that the Pandora will use - He threatened to pull out and withdraw all his work on the OS because of Craig's behaviour earlier on in the same thread. Craig basically told him that he didn't give a toss, and offered to cancel his order for him. Vimacs cancelled it himself.

The earlier behaviour that caused Vimacs to threaten to leave was Craig's treatment of another forum member, threatening to cancel his preorder too.

People have been cancelling their preorders for a while now, but to my knowledge there are four people that craig has been unprofessional enough to threaten personally (I am one of them, when I called into question his tendency to lie through his back teeth when he proclaimed that the unit would be ready to ship by end of November 2008), and now his attitude and behaviour has gotten so bad that the developers without whom the Pandora will be a useless piece of hardware are now beginning to cancel and pull out.

Who knows where this will all end, but if I were the other members of the OP team I'd be seriously considering removing craig from the team, or at least banning him from talking to the public, for the good of the project as a whole.

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