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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
I had forgotten about the processor advantage. Outside of shoot-em-ups, though, it hardly matters.
You actually think only schmups benefit from having a 68000 processor?? Not sure how that works.

It does make a noticeable difference. The SNES can have four times as many colors onscreen as the Genesis can, and it shows. Genesis games have far more dithering than SNES games; conversely, SNES games look much smoother thang Genesis games. It's the same reason that Amiga games can be less grainy than ST games.
Yes it makes a difference but you missed the part where i said it does not make a "tremendous difference" at least not enough to make the Snes a more popular choice (here in the UK).

Both are far better than the Amiga (for moving graphics, that is; the Amiga can render still images better than any other 16-bit system), both have nothing on the 32-bit Neo Geo.
I think you will find the Neo Geo IS a 16-bit system... but you are right as the Snes and Megadrive cannot touch the Neo Geo (which also uses a 68000 processor and Yamaha audio chip similar to that of the Megadrive).

Why am I not surprised?
No need to be a smart ass.

The SNES has better sampling period. And the graphics surpass the Genesis's as much as the Neo Geo's surpass the SNES's.
Believe what you want about the music and sound fx... I still think the Megadrive produces better music (drum patterns, hi-hats, synths etc...) and the Snes produces better digitised samples (speech and sound fx). Also i never said the Megadrive had better graphics than the Snes so why keep bringing it up?

I have the actual hardware on my side.
I own the hardware too and have done since the day it all got released. I just find the Megadrive more fun to play overall unless it comes to RPG's.. then the Snes wins hands down.
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