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Originally Posted by Reynolds View Post
Yeah, it's seriously a QL thing.
But, could someone summarize where this all stuff stands?
I'm watching all the minimig infos with wide open eyes, and in the meantime I can't get some basic infos about it.
For example: in the videos I see some flickering issues with the screen handling. Like in Lion King in this latest vid. Does it means that there's no double buffered screens?
Still have to operate with HDF-s, instead of the standard dir tree of the SD card?
This ARM board means some kind of extension instead of a new version of the whole board? (Well, maybe this one I can answer with some diggin' to the announcements, specs, but have not so much time recently.)
And maybe I still could find some other things to ask...
Anyone can give the answers at least for these?

Thanks at all!
Don't know the answers to all your questions, but can tell you the ARM board was an extension for the Minimig v1.1 board, what is being discussed today is a new version of the Minimig core running on a new board, the Replay board (a.k.a. FPGA Arcade).

One important point to undestand is the Minimig core is not tied to one hardware platform, it exists as HDL code (Verilog originally, don't know what it's written in now), which describes how the hardware works. There's actually quite a few boards that run the Minimig core, the Replay board is likely to be the new 'standard'.

I think the A600 HDD controller has been recreated, don't quote me on that though.

Seriously a QL thing? What do you mean by that? Take it you mean 'cool' rather than something Sinclair related. ; )

I remember reading that WHDload needed an AGA machine to run, does this new core mean WHDload will work, or does the missing 020 still rule that out?

Looking forward to when the 030 core gets integrated, mikej is going to work on one when the Replay board is finished apparently, good times. : )
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