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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
In case they want to boot from floppy or RAD later on.
Good idea kolla !

I've just found this in the readme of FFS4514p.lha from Etienne Vogt:
Finally, use your favourite harddisk installation tool (HDToolBox from OS3.9
for example) to install the new FastFileSystem into your harddisk's rdb area.

If you want this patched FFS to be also used for floppy drives, you need to
make it resident using Thomas Richter's LoadModule command, available on
Aminet as util/boot/LoadModule.lha. You also need to modify the SetPatch
command in your Startup-Sequence to skip loading the 45.13 FFS from the ROM
Update file by adding SKIPROMMODULES "filesystem" to the SetPatch command.

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