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Stupid question:

Why does anybody want to load the FastFileSystem with LoadModule?

Ok, I don't have a real Amiga with a real Harddisk anymore, but usually the FastFileSystem is stored on the Harddisk and is linked to the RDB there. So it's already loaded by the AutoBoot routine and thus cannot be replaced later.

Please correct me if I'm wrong and explain me how the FastFileSystem can be replaced after it has been loaded by AutoBoot?

Instead of using LoadModule, I would install the latest FastFileSystem with the HDToolbox.

Sorry, I've overlooked this comment:
Doobrey said:
As for LoadModule failing to load FFS, what version have you installed with HDToolBox on your HD ?
LoadModule won't work if the same version or newer is already loaded.
So, would AutoBoot accept updated resident modules for the FFS? Unfortunately, I can't check that out.

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