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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Are you playing the OCS or CD32 version? Perhaps one runs better than the other.
Originally Posted by Angus View Post
I found Gunship very playable with on a 1200 certainly 030 upwards. It might be one of those games that benefit from using something like Fastexec to copy the exec library into fast ram (I think that's what it does) which was certainly the case with Star Crusader on an 060 (along with Girv's groovy patch. But I didn't think there was a need for this on GS2000. Now, Tornado AGA or Shuttle, there we could use an improved framerate.
I have found that the CD32 version is the most stable and also the one that I found slow.
The AGA version always dumps me out after flicking the red switch to enter cockpit. Today though, I have discovered that if I choose restart from the WHDLoad dump message then the game starts ok. This AGA version is at least 3 times faster than the CD32 version.

Now, I want to know why the AGA dumps me out on the first attempt.

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