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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
i am gonna host the entire kickstart collection on my website, advertise it everywhere and i'll report back on who trys to close me down!

1. you will most likely get a message from a chap called AmiKit - from there

2. you will receive threats - (well maybe one)...

3. he will then go and tell your Host provider -

If he gets no where there he will then contact clonato, whom will then contact you and your host provider.

Either way, it will get taken down, it has happend before. many times.

The main reason this AmiKit ( do not confuse with AmigaKit ) does this is because he sells a product *called amikit* that is a pre-installed ready to go winuae setup with roms etc, bundled with Clonato's Amiga Forever - (includes the needed roms and workbench) -

I have a lot of respect for cloanto's comilation - but it is just that a compilation - the content for the work is not thiers - although they have a couple of programs that are good - amiga-explora and a couple of others that escape me, but by an large, if you took the compilation away, you would be left with Workbench 3.1, 4 encrypted ROM files and a couple of PC-Amiga transfer programs.

IMHO the "" company (along with a lot of others owned or invested in) - is nothing more than a scam to ruse $87m via penti pouri's holdings. was invovled in coupons scam that netted then $300,000 from committed Amigans, - after an under table shuffle of whom owns what when it came to light that amiga (washington) owed this money and probleably as much again to creditors and contracted people - Amiga (washington) filed bankruptcy - all its assets previously sold - it had nothing to pay anything back -

anwyay - another company KRONOS changed its name to (delaware) - it had the all the *rights* of amiga (washington) - the same people running the show - but none of the debt...

You see the company ( is currently being valued at $87Million

It has NO assests
NO products
NO significant sales in the last 10 years,
less than 20 STAFF (including share holders) it is a sham -

AmigaSTinc is used a money shuffling / perhaps even as a laundering service between the US and Europe - nothing more

Who actually OWNS the rights to the ROMS and Workbench is a very good question, no one knows... however they all have little bits of paper saying they have licenses... ... I am sure if this was tested properly in court the large holes will be big enought to drive a car through.
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