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@ Dan Locke

It seems i've hit a nerve

The Megadrive (or Genesis - gay name btw!) had a total of 10 audio channels compared to 8 on the Snes. Yes the Megadrive handles higher resolutions and is also a faster machine thanks to a better processor.

I meant the graphics are "slightly" better if you compare them side by side... The Snes has a larger colour palette but this does not make a tremendous noticeable difference in real world gaming.

Also i think it does rival the Snes technically... both have ups and downs but neither can compare to an Amiga or a 16-bit Neo-Geo

All i can say from years of experience playing both machines and ignoring technical specs is the Megadrive appears to be faster and has more detailed music whilst the Snes has much better speech sampling and the visuals are better.

Thats my opinion and nobody needs to agree with me
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