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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
wow it been a while since i last visited EAB (13th April 2007) and that was a one off...

now you guys actually meet up, it was suggested even when i joined EAB (2001), but never happened..

i live in the south east, namely Brighton... it would be great to meet up with fellow Amiga dudes, maybe we could club to together and hire a hall and bring our Amigas, the last time i went anyway for the Amiga was a computer fair in London (around 93) they had Ork and stuff on demo, i bought a 1/2meg upgrade, Bitmap Brothers T-shirt and a new mouse!
Hi DJay, I only recenty joined this community but there are a lot of us in this region so I suggested a few beers, but sure if we get interest a meet in a hall with some miggy's would be great...
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