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Originally Posted by NubeCheCorre View Post
i didn't create the setpatch line or the LoadModule line. I simply divided them into multiples lines to read them better.. :-)
Or to put it another way, you did create them.

Anyway, enough of the pendantics over who fucked it up, what you're doing with those multiple setpatch lines is NOT the same as the 'single line' setpatch command in the BB3 startup-sequence.

Only use Setpatch once in the s-s, and the SKIPROMMODULES should be a comma separated list of modules to skip.

As for LoadModule failing to load FFS, what version have you installed with HDToolBox on your HD ?
LoadModule won't work if the same version or newer is already loaded.

Just change
LoadModule L:FastFileSystem NOREBOOT
LoadModule L:FastFileSystem NOREBOOT >NIL:
to hide the error, or just comment the line out.
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