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Hi Dreedo,

I've got some Amiga Disks that I don't need, backups of games.

If you give me your address (by PM) I'll send them to you, this will get you started.

Then you need to look at the options above, save up some more pocket money and....

I would get a cheap CF-IDE as suggested by Alexh and a Cheap CF Card (go for sandisk they are known to work with the Amiga) If there's not already one in your Amiga you'll also need a hard drive cable (a couple of quid on ebay)

You can setup your CF card with Workbench via WinUAE on your PC copy all your ADF's onto that card as well and a app called adfblitzer then all you need to do is pop that CF into your amiga with the CF-IDE adapter.

You'll then have everything you need to write these games back to floppy disks in your A600


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