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It's SKIPROMMODULES, no 'S' in the middle (or SKIPROMUPDATES, same effect)
That's right in my s-s, i did a mistake when copying the s-s, i was watching the output on my PAL TV and typing it on my PC Keyboard

As Peter pointed out, that won't work.
The first line tells setpatch to load ALL modules EXCEPT fs.
The second will load all except icon, so fs gets loaded here anyway (and icon was already loaded by the first line!)
The rest has no effect.

Also, trying to 'skip' icon and workbench is pointless. They're not in the ROMUpdate file.
Excuse me but at this point, i am little bit confused.. the setpatch line and the LoadModules line are not mine.. that lines were put into the s-s by the BB3..
What should i put in my s-s??
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