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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Que? I mean each to their own, but seriously most of the MD/Genesis soundtracks deserve a 'earache' badge
I think the Megadrive's Yamaha audio chip was great... it produced far more detailed music than the Snes The Snes sounded as though it had a very limited number of channels and alot of the games had that same "monotone" kind of music (it's hard to describe what i mean).
Can you imagine the Snes trying to produce the rave sounds of Streets of Rage in all their glory or the funky music in Toejam & Earl? The Snes is not very good at re-producing instrument sounds, But it is far better at producing clear digitised sound for speech and sound FX

Anyway i agree the graphics were slightly better on the Snes and i loved most of the RPG games the platform had As for speed, the Megadrive was faster and this is evident in games such as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat etc...

I own and love both consoles but i think the Megadrive will always be my favourite over the Snes (only just )
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