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I used to buy a pack of 6mm round stickers numbered 001-200 or something like that at the local paper shop, and put it over the top disk edge so the number would show when in the diskbox. I put a piece of tape over the sticker so it wouldn't fade or fall off inside the drive!

Then I used ranges of numbers for disks in some category, like WB/util disks, work disks, ST-xx disks, games, demos. Still have a few of them, dunno why I stopped doing it. Might be linked to that I have 4 diskboxes and 10-12 smaller 20-disk diskboxes within arm's reach... when you have like 5-600 disks at hand, looking at numbers won't help... unless you put them back in numbered order (which I don't) and have a searchable database to find the disk number...

So now I just throw them in misc labeled 20-disk plastic boxes. Means I have to search max 1-2 boxes before finding the disk, that's good enough. Both methods are recommended.
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