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One of the nicest example of the revenge motive cliches is the intro of Golden Axe:

Ax Battler: his mother was killed by Death Adder
Tyris Flare: her father and mother were killed by Death Adder
Gilius Thunderhead: his brother was killed by Death Adder


Of course, revenge is the reason of many games, Bren McGuire also goes to revenge the fallen crew of Avalon 1, Ikuro revenges Yuri in Apidya. Etc., etc.

But on the other hand - I ENJOY many cliches, like fruits and coins and emeralds, extra weapons, lives and other colelctable items. In some games I am LOOKINNG FORWARD for these aspect and if there is a lack of them, I am dissapointed. My bro was used to differentiate games on how 'fruity' they are

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