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I really hate that EVERY beat 'em up has to be like every other beat 'em up:
-weapons disappear soon after picking them up and always when level changes
-weapons (and everything else that can be picked up) disappear if not picked up soon
-corpses disappear
-ridiculous powerups, you open a pirate style treasure chest and find meat, propably hundreds of years old, and yet eat it in a microsecond and gain health
-2 or 3 buttons, one for attack, one for jump and if third then for magic/special
-generic opponents and levels (sometimes it's hard to figure out why they redraw those basically same enemies and levels for every game)
-hundreds if not thousands of stupid similarities in every game of the genre...

Who set those rules and why can't there be an exception - or is there ? I've gone through sooooo many beat 'em ups and never found any which would break the "rules" and inwhich the weapon wouldn't disappear after a few hits. ridiculous to pick up a machine gun so you can shoot 4 bullets with it. Almost as if there had been some kind of Beat 'Em Up Bible that made every game follow those stupid rules...

For once I'd like to see something different and not lose the cool weapon I found a few seconds after picking it up...
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