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Originally Posted by balrogsoft View Post
Cloanto doesn't have the rights of classic AmigaOS or Kickstart, Cloanto have a license to distribute AmigaOS and Kickstart. The rights of classic Amiga is a mistery, according to amiga documents web ( Jens Schoenfeld asked to Amiga Inc for a proof that A.Inc have the rights of AOS 3.1 and Kickstart .

Amiga Documents quote:
In Mr. Jens Schoenfeld's words, "Face it guys, the 'Amiga curse' is not about the Amiga. It's about the people who supposedly own the rights.
so....according to your post Claoanto have not the rights but legally can sell the product?
I don't understand.....
who's got the rights then? Bill gates?

personally I think...however I'm not sure..... that Amiga INC consider the classic Amiga dead and sell the rights of classics Amiga to Cloanto long time ago....around year 2000-2001

Amiga INC dedicated the time to the Hockey and others scams and to the new imaginary fantastic Amiga and then goes to bankrupt........even now they can't afford the website......that's all
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